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Many of us have desired things that we thought we were ready for. The truth is, if we were not prepared for them, the blessing quickly became a burden. Often, we may want to blame God for not letting things work out in our favor. Things worked out in our favor because He recognized we were not ready and decided we needed more prep time. Here's the thing. God's response wasn't "No" but "Not yet." He knew and wanted us to realize some healing needed to take place in us.

As I thought about healing, the word heeling came to mind. As a dog lover, I am fascinated by what I have seen owners do with their fur babies. An owner may recognize the need for the dog to practice some self-control due to destructive behavior. So there is the practice of teaching or training the dog to heel. To heel means the animal is trained to hear the owner's voice and come and sit on command and stay until released from that position. There is no coincidence that these words have the same sound.

Sometimes we are so caught up in our past that we keep cutting ourselves and bleeding all over our present and future. I encourage all of us to take time to get in the presence of God and...HEEL! Get and stay by His side. Allow Him to do the work that needs to be done in you. you can HEAL!

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