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"....And Then There is Me!"

As we celebrate Palm Sunday and the start of Holy Week, we often forget to remember the purpose of this time in the life of a Christian. There is much to be shared and learned about Jesus this week. He is celebrated, anointed, judged, betrayed, questioned, and crucified. All of this because of His assignment to be...HOLY. 

How many of us have felt as though life has handed us over to these same experiences? Be not dismayed, as your life experiences have been designed to discipline and develop you, just as the picture shows branches on a palm tree under a sunshine-filled sky. The branches represent victory.

This symbolism of placement and victory is synonymous with the life that Jesus came for us to have. A life of victory under the Son! Because this is the plan for the life we have been blessed to live, we have been called to be different. A little-known fact about the palm tree is that it is not an actual tree, which makes it different from all the other trees. This difference has allowed the palm to be a symbol of various religions.

Do not think it strange when you feel like you have been isolated or set apart; it's just God using your life to make and show a difference in the world.

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