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"Please Hold"

If you are anything like me, the thought of having to call to schedule an appointment or find answers to questions at certain companies can trigger frustration. In this age of automated systems, it is often hard to even find a human to talk to. If you do, there begins to be a trail of transferring you to several departments. Well, three departments later, and your questions can still go unanswered.

After thinking about this process, I shifted my thinking and expressed a weird sense of gratitude. See, I appreciate that someone who knows they cannot help is mature enough to transfer me over to someone they know who can provide the assistance needed. If we are truthful, many of us have been conditioned to pretend to know the answers to questions just to save face or not look like an imbecile. This, in turn, can create more problems that lead to mistrust.

God trusted this guy in the Old Testament named Moses (the parting of the Red Sea and burning bush guy) to lead an entire nation of people. You must know at some point, they had questions about what to do. In Numbers 9:1-8, God gave the Israelites specific instructions to follow concerning the celebration of a ritual. Part of the group disobeyed God and then had the nerve to ask Moses why they would not be allowed to participate in the festivities.

Now, usually, people would assume the leader has all the answers. In this case, I applaud Moses's quick thinking and actions. He told them to wait where they were so he could ask God about their situation. In other words, he had the boldness to say..."Please hold." From this moment on, be free from the need to know all of the answers and take the initiative to be mature and tell those people, tell that situation, tell your flesh and emotions to...." Please hold" while you take time to talk to God who has all of the answers to any question we could ever have.

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