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Correcting My Crops

Often, as a sign of respect and honor, we give those we deem ‘important’ our best applause. We honor them by standing when they enter the room. We are sure to be silent when they speak. We value their opinions and often take their words as law. Interestingly, while we express our respect for them with such gestures, there is little to no reciprocation on their end.

Proverbs 3:9-10 reminds us that we are to honor God with our substance and our wealth. Part of the root word for wealth is happiness. We are to give Him the first fruits and best of what we have. Unfortunately, instead of giving God our best, we habitually give others our best and expect God to be satisfied with the remaining or rest of what we have or our leftovers.

When we make God our top priority and intentionally give Him our best, He makes it a point to fill our barns and cause our vats or containers to overflow. As we approach this new season, correct your crops and give God your first and your best!

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