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Right Where You Are!

Often, we wait until we get what we have prayed for to celebrate or praise God. This, my friend, is not what faith looks like. Sometimes, God will see if you are focused solely on the promise or if your attention is towards the Promise Keeper.

Although we may find ourselves in what looks and feels like the desert, these are still times we can celebrate and praise God. Celebrating when resources seem scarce or you can't see past the day may not make logical sense. Even in all that's happening around you, what if you decided to remember what God has already done?

We can easily be blinded by where we are and what has yet to manifest. This is the enemy's attempt to steal our praise. His plot and plan are to get us to focus on the prayers yet to be answered and try to make us forget what God has already done.

Anytime you want to confuse the enemy, take a moment to celebrate and thank God RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!


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