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Change. Sometimes this is the only thing God will tell us when we pray. This word can trigger all kinds of emotions. For years, I have convinced myself that change is hard. It wasn't until a recent revelation that I was corrected in thinking that change was not hard, but I wasn't fond of the way God wanted to do it. I then decided that change was a choice and if I wanted things to get better in my life, I needed to make a decision.

Change comes with a sound. Oftentimes we will miss it because our ears are clogged with the sounds of the world and the familiar voices of people. Sometimes the change we need shows up as people and things leave. There are times we automatically assume those people and habits are bad. The truth of the matter is the time in which their purpose was connected to you is over. Keep in mind seasons come to an end. It doesn't mean winter, spring, summer, or fall were angry with you. It means their time was up to make room for the next. Change sounds like leaves falling, the wind blowing, and birds chirping. Waiting also sounds like doors closing. When the people and things exit, the only reason you need to walk, chase, or go behind them or that thing is to make sure the door is

We experience a gamut of emotions when we refuse to lock the door and leave it cracked for those same people and habits that were removed to re-enter or gain access because we have become comfortable with NOT changing. If you want things to be better, then focus on the sound of change and shut the door on your past so you can operate in your present and be prepared for your future. CLICK-CLICK!

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