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Collision Insurance

All of us want to feel safe. This seems to be the desire of most if not all people. However, it is ironic that while expressing this need, most people rebel against the very laws that are meant to keep and ensure the safety we desire.

When driving, unless you are a new driver, it seems as if we take to the streets on autopilot. Our trips can become so routine, that we leave it up to the car to take us where we are going as if we have no control over where we go or how fast we get there. This can leave the driver with a false sense of security as trust is placed in the car and speed limit signs are easily ignored.

Case in point, my husband and I recently witnessed a terrible accident where one driver was going too fast and the other pulled out in front to make a turn and was moving too slow. I wonder what would have happened if both drivers were paying better attention and going at the rate of speed posted to avoid such collisions. This is how life is for some of us. God has given us a rate of speed by which to get somewhere and like those two drivers, either we want to go too fast or move at the pace of a snail. Either way, there is the potential danger of an oftentimes avoidable collision.

As we drive along the roads of life, let us be sure to obey the speed limits that God has already set and posted for us. This is necessary so we can safely get to the places and spaces He has already ordained for us to go. There is no need to rush or go as a snail's pace because as long as we follow His lead...we will get there right on time!

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