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Driving down the street recently, I saw young man standing on the side of the road waiting to cross the street. Ordinarily this would be not big deal but this particular day it was pouring down rain. There was thunder booming and lightning flashing. In the midst of all of this, the young man was not in a hurry to cross the road. He stood still and waited until the coast was clear. It hit me almost immediately that this is what some of us need to do more of in life. It's okay sometimes to just stand in the rain and allow God to drench you with everything that you need even in the midst of the storm. I understood that the young man waited because if he had rushed, there was the potential danger of him getting hit by a car or even slipping and falling in the middle of the road. I can imagine that he knew if no matter how long he waited, he would eventually get to the other side of the road.

Family and friends, whatever season you are in, allow God to drench you with His love, power, favor, grace, mercy and more. While it may look like a storm, it is a reminder that the clouds can only hold on to so much water until there has to be a release to help nurture the ground and cause growth to continue. Stand in the rain and be patient on the side of the road you are on now because once it's will safely get to the other side! Remember, storms don't last always and the sun/Son is sure to appear again!


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