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Hey Family!

In recent years, I was responsible for teaching my students about fossils. I will admit it may have not been one of my most favorite topics or so I thought. Little did I know that this lesson would come in handy some months later. It is always amazing how God will show up in the natural to express what has already taken place in the spirit. I was having a conversation with a sister friend about those things that we think we have gotten over and surprisingly, there are events that take place in our lives that will prove there is much left to be desired.

We all have been through things that have devastated us or have touched us in a way that we sometimes bury in order to move on from point A to point B. As time passes, those things that have happened have caused us to bury feelings that we don’t realize. It is these feelings that have been buried so deep that they have now become the foundation on which we stand. Because they are now our foundation, the remnants of them find a way to seep into the forefront of our minds and we sit and wonder where certain attitudes and behavior come from just “out of the blue”. In the midst of the conversation with my sister friend, my mind went back to that lesson on fossils. By definition, fossils are preserved from a past geologic (Medieval Latin gelogia, study of earthly things) age. Isn’t that just what our experiences come from….the past? Think about it. Everything that we have gone through has either done one of two things: propelled us or prohibited us. All of these things have one thing in common. They are earthly things. More interestingly, they are earthly things that we study. We study them because we have unknowingly reserved the right to put them on display in the museums of our minds.

If you have ever been to a museum (especially a science museum), you can attest to the fact that some of those dinosaur exhibits look rather huge as they tower over us as we take a look at their makeup and how their bones have been preserved for us to admire. Bones with nothing left on them but to be able to see to the other side. Yes, the skeletons allow us to do that. There does however, lay the possibility for the remnants to allow us to see to the other side.

Just like an archaeologist, we must take the time to dig up old issues that lay dormant and buried in our heart and mind to carefully observe them. What did they feed on? Where did they live? How did they die? What were they buried under? Do I preserve them and put them on display for pity or for praise to show what God has done and will do? The choice is yours. It’s time to open the doors to your museum and allow God to use your bones to be a blessing.



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