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Roger That!

As we go about our daily routines, it would not hurt to take to some to do a self-check to gauge how productive we are or have been. Often, we go from task to task and day to day without stopping to think about how much progress we've made.

A contributing factor to our progress is comprised of the people we choose to have apart of our lives. These people might be family, friends, colleagues, spiritual leaders, and even sometimes foes. Yes.....foes. Now, our engagements with adversaries may not be intentional but unconscious association.

When I was younger, I would often see or play a game that included me talking with friends by way of a walkie-talkie (or pretend ones at least). I would say something, and they would respond or vice versa. Based on what was said, each person would make their next move. As I mature, I realize that the game of 'walkie-'talkie' still exists more often than not. Some of us still make our next moves based on what we have heard from someone else. Some of these conversations can help push us forward or hold us back.

In this season and life in general, we have to learn the difference between 'faith walkers' and 'doubt talkers'. 'Faith walkers' are those persons who remind you that even if you don't see the manifestation yet, that hope is still available, and giving up is not an option. On the flip side, 'doubt talkers' are those who look for any opportunity to sow seeds of doubt and discord. These are the people who will allow you to go only as far as their faith will take them.

Each day you wake up, make sure you decide whose voice you will allow to speak the loudest. It is encouraging to know that God will give you the spirit of discernment and confirm who He has sent to help you live the abundant life He has prepared for us. Remember to always talk to Him before you engage with them!



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