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The Expression of a Confession

“Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” - James 5:16 (NIV)

(Ps. 32: 5; Prov. 28: 13)

Dear Friend,

When we hear the word confession, we oftentimes think of a person committing to a serious crime. In the case of a Christian, the crime at hand is the fear of confession. It has been the thought that confessing means the exposure of a secret life. It is an expression that we fear will call attention to our faults and flaws. The enemy has done such a tremendous job of playing tricks with our minds that we fail to recognize him when he comes. This fear keeps us bound and filled with guilt and shame that is a breeding ground for physical and mental illness.

Confessing sins to others is for your benefit as well as theirs. Your confession helps you to understand that you are not perfect and hearing makes you aware of your constant need for God and holds you accountable. There is nothing better to keep you humble than the staunch realization that it is only through God’s favor, grace, and mercy that we can make it through each day. Just as we express praise, because God is too good for us to hold it in, so should we confess our sins as to not contaminate our soul, mind, and spirit.

The confession of sin is not so others can browbeat or condemn you but is meant for healing and restoration. It is this confession and the desire to move forward with a repentant heart that touches the heart of God and moves him to action. The strong must bear the infirmities of the weak (Romans 15:1). When you bear the infirmity of others, it builds character and grants the spirit of empathy. No one should be forced to confess but more so be convicted and led by the Holy Spirit.

So allow your confession to lead you to and propel your progression!



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