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Why Should I?

Life comes with a magnitude of questions. We are constantly wondering and wanting to know where things are headed. The 'whys' of life often plague and consume our days. Fixing our focus on these 'whys' can cause some of us to be distracted and miss our on living and enjoying life. It causes most of us to wake up daily seeking happiness. Unfortunately, the world has contaminated our thoughts and culture has coerced into thinking we have to accumulate and acquire things to be and experience happiness.

The contamination and coercion can be a strategy or trick of the enemy to wear us out and make us tired. The contamination and coercion can make us think we have to spend our time and spin our wheels hustling and grinding to keep up with the culture. The question still remains....why?

I encourage all of us to take another look at life by way of Psalm 118:24. We are reminded that everyday we wake up is the day that the Lord has made and it is our position and assignment to rejoice and be glad in it. The mere fact that our days are already made and planned out for us should give us reason enough to be happy and rejoice. Think about all you have been spared from and have come through. This is enough to rejoice and be glad. The breath we are afforded to wake up with is reason enough to rejoice and be glad.

To answer the question... Why Should I? is easy when you come to the realization that happiness, rejoicing, joy, and gladness is ours when we are grateful for the days that the Lord has made...just for us!


Dr. Gena

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